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im sorry if ive ever told you the same story twice its just that i dont have an interesting life and cool things rarely happen to me

or it’s just that I forgot that I told you the same story six times already

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Can we please stop saying “I’m raping the replay button”? I get it that you want to express that you like the song so much that you are replaying it over and over, but there’s a lot of different and better ways to express that - like “The replay button is my best friend”. All you’re doing is glorifying rape!




MRW I went to see Adam Sandlers new movie

YES. Church is supposed to a place of silence… No. Just no.

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I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched The Name of the Doctor, but God knows that for the last forty-four minutes I have been sitting here laughing and crying and rocking back and forth.

Okay I just watched the first 15 minutes of Supernatural and oh my gosh this is so creepy; the little hairs on my arms are standing on edge. I don’t know how I’m going to sleep tonight but I’m loving it.

My Theories About Who Will Die in The Blood of Olympus

I’ve heard the rumours running around that two characters of the seven demigods are going to die in BoO. So I thought I would address this matter, and think —- if the rumours are indeed true, who are the characters going to be?

I don’t think it’s going to be any of the couples - especially not Percy and Annabeth - one because it doesn’t make sense to do so, and two because I think the fans would go on a rampage.

That leaves Nico and Leo. I’m not sure if Rick’s editors are going to be willing to let Nico go, especially after they pushed Rick into the homosexual propaganda with him. But if he does, I’m sure it’s going to be a suuuuper heroic death. *rolls eyes*

Then Leo. He’s my favourite character and I will die inside if he goes, but I think he makes the most logical choice for a character who’s going to die. He isn’t tied down by a girl friend or some other romantic attachment to make the death super tragic.

But if Leo does indeed die, I’m hoping against hope that he’ll wake up on the island with Calypso. Because CALLEO forever.

This is amazing.

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AU: Nine meets Ten and Eleven


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